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Mission Statement

Since its creation in 1974, Sugarloaf Regional Trails has focused on conservation of the cultural landscape in rural Montgomery County. Financed entirely by grants and donations from individuals and businesses, the non-profit corporation has conducted cultural research and educational activities, published historic theme trail guides and books and held conferences pertaining to preservation and environmental issues. Working with over 200 volunteers, SRT researched and published The Inventory of Historic Sites in Montgomery County which led to an ordinance and master plan for preservation.

The objectives of the organization are to educate the public about the Potomac highland region. Membership is open to everyone who is interested.  

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Funding for Sugarloaf Regional Trails provided in part by

Heritage Montgomery

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Welcome to Sugarloaf Regional Trails

We are here to help you enjoy the historic features of the Montgomery County, Maryland, and Sugarloaf Mountain rural areas. 

We recommend different trails, or paths (we call them Trail Guides). You can follow these in your car, on foot, or even in a canoe. Along each trail, we describe important and interesting historical features on your way, and give you as much (or as little!) information as you wish.

Upcoming Events!

Giant Indoor Yard Sale!!!

The annual Barnesville Basement is planned for the weekend of October 29 and 30 at Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences in Montgomery County, Maryland’s Agricultural Reserve.

Barnesville School families and friends donate an entire gymnasium full of nearly new and gently used items including adult and children's clothing, gardening tools, furniture, books, toys, sports equipment, pet supplies, housewares and more.

Every year, people line up early Saturday morning just to get in the door for great finds at bargain basement prices. Proceeds from the Barnesville Basement support programming at Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences.

The Barnesville Basement sale takes place at The Barnesville School, 21830 Peach Tree Road, Barnesville, MD 20838. 2016 Barnesville Basement Hours are as follows: Saturday, October 29 from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday, October 30 from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Any items that do not sell are donated to local organizations that serve families in need, including: Cornerstone Montgomery, Rukundo International, Frameworks for Families, Wheel of Hope, and Frederick Rescue Mission.

We are looking forward to sharing A Glimpse inside Fritz Gutheim's Photo Album. Fritz was our founder and was very influential in conservation and farmland preservation, among many many other things. You can read more about him on our site - click here. This event will be held at the Poolesville Town Hall - date to be announced.

Introducing Our New Native American
Trail Guide

Please click here to download this brochure!

On our website, you can choose among our fifteen Trail Guides, read selected trail guides, and download both a full or shortened version for your own use. Each Guide includes a map of the trail, as well as text, drawings, and pictures. You can even consult the website on your mobile phone for guidance from the trail - just click here!

Our website also includes other features, including access to a database of interesting materials, books, and many more photographs.

The guides are free, and carry no obligation. We do welcome comments and suggestions about the guides by phone or email and we always welcome new volunteers to help develop more trails!

We hope you enjoy your adventure in the country!


Peg Coleman, President
Sugarloaf Regional Trails